Here is some source code that I would like to share. I should get these into a publicly accessible source control, but this is a quick solution.

JUCE Serial Port Library now on github

  • A JUCE module for easy access to serial ports. Tested on Windows and OS X.
  • Not my code, but I have added simpler Windows device enumeration and updated to be a JUCE 4 module

JUCE 3 module        JUCE 4 module

Frequency Band Display App

  • A desktop application for displaying meters for ‘frequency band’ data coming over a serial port. Works on Windows and OS X
  • Recently added GUI to select Serial Port from where gather data.
  • I originally wrote this to help me verify FFT code running on an Arduino. And generalized it when I worked with an MSGEQ7 connected to an Arduino.

Frequency Band Display Source Code

Arduino FHT example

    • The code from an experiment I did with running an FHT algorithm on an Arduino.
  • NOTE: This version has not been updated to work with the Frequency Display App that I posted, but one would just need to modify the serial output to match the new format.

Arduino FHT Source Code